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Domestic Cleaning

All general household duties including dusting, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and windows. Regular and one-off services available. We supply quality eco friendly cleaning products.

Bond Cleans / End of Lease Cleanings

Get your Bond back! Green Domestics offer Bond Cleans 7 days a week. An absolute total clean; including floors, walls, kitchen, bathrooms, cupboards, windows, stoves, range hoods, skirting boards, vents. We can guarantee our Bond Cleans to Real Estate Agent standards.

Mould Removal from Walls & Ceilings

Sick of mould on your walls, ceilings and eaves? Green Domestics cleans mould from walls, ceilings and eaves with an effective eco friendly product. Contact Green Domestics for a quote.

Oven Cleans

You wouldn't eat on a table covered in horrifying chemicals, would you? So why cook in an oven where you've used toxic oven cleaners? We get it, ovens are hard to clean, your oven racks are getting black and your oven glass door is almost no longer transparent and covered in muck! Meet Green Potions though - the magic potions that will get just about anything off and are spectacular in bringing your ovens to tip top shape... all without harsh, toxic chemicals and without any elbow grease. Green Domestics specialises in oven cleans or you can purchase your own Green Potions and do the job yourself at greenpotions.com.au

Office Cleaning

Reduce your office carbon footprint. Green Domestics offers eco friendly office cleaning at competitive rates.

Window Cleaning

Windows, sliding doors, tracks and screens cleaned with environmentally friendly products.

Green Clean your home or office and contact Green Domestics.




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